Autumn - Skye Holiday Let
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We have had some lovely summer days but September signals a change. It is cooler and of course the days are becoming noticeably shorter.


September/October is also the rutting season and the raucous bellowing of the local stag can be heard in the early hours. We have also felt his presence…


We awoke one morning to find that several of our young conifers in their tubes had been trampled. Clearly some big event had taken place in that part of our small plantation of trees! But, there must have been a guardian angel there as although some of the tubes were damaged and support poles snapped like twigs, the trees themselves were unharmed!


Rutting stag devastation


Still standing                   Trampled tube






Deer hinds still visit us every morning but are very scared as apart from the marauding stag, it is also culling season… For us the deer are welcome; they were here first.

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